How to avoid stuffocation!

Clear Out

2016 is here and holiday season is almost over, so what better time to have a clothing clear out! Want to avoid wardrobe stuffocation?  Then follow these 4 simple steps….

  1. Schedule a day to sort out your wardrobe. I find a day when the kids are out is most productive and with the  least interruptions! Close the bedroom door and focus.
  2. Create three piles : KEEP. SELL. CHARITY…. and be ruthless! Avoid sentimental keeps it’s time to admit that those size zero jeans are never going to fit so give them a chance to see daylight again… on someone else! Move on!
  3. Create an incentive for yourself : for every 10 items you give away or sell,  reward yourself with one new quality piece! *clapping
  4. If you haven’t worn it or used it in over a year, get rid of it!

screen_shot_2012-01-09_at_4.53.05_pmAfter delivering that huge black bin bag to the charity store (do this immediately to avoid it sitting in a corner of your room) it’s time to sell your pre-loved items and make some cash!! Here are my top 3 favourite ways to re-sell in Cape Town :

1. Resale Therapy Boutique :  Resale Therapy is a great local place to sell your items hassle free!  Tracey will take your clothes from you and showcase them in her stunning boutique in Claremont. All you do is wait for a call a few weeks later and you’ll receive 40% of the selling price on each item that has sold. Ka-ching!  Find them on Facebook or call 0793 584376 – Gibson House, Old Stanhope Road, Claremont ( Just behind the BMW/ Mini showroom!)

2. Closet Clique : Founded by Julie Despraz in 2014 Closet Clique is an online platform that allows you to swap,sell and buy quality clothing online. There are also monthly Sip & Swap parties held in the CBD and Southern Suburbs which is a great way to socialise and meet like-minded fashion friends! Find them on Facebook or head over to the website and sign up for their news letter for regular event updates!

3. Gumtree : Always a great way to sell easily online where you receive 100% profit from your sale! Follow the step-by-step guide on the page to insert your item and use the safety tips provided. Most people expect to negotiate on price so consider this when you’re advertising your item. If you’re not sure what to price your garment at take a look at similar items as a realistic guide. A good, clear photograph looks professional  and honest so take time to make an effort with your advert. Remember to remove your  post once your item has sold.

Enjoy de-cluttering and I’ll see you in Country Road shopping for that reward item sometime soon!


Preview the Feature Store!


Last Friday night I was fortunate enough to be invited along to the Feature Store preview event at Cavendish Square.

Some of you may remember the original temp Pop-up shop that was positioned upstairs (?) Well, after a lot of hard work and clever collaborating, owner and curator Micaela Mocke has now managed to secure a permanent spot on the ground floor. Yay!

Micaela describes the shop as “A store full of happy, beautiful things by local designers and entrepreneurs”  which indeed it is! “It’s like shopping lots of mini-stores within a store”

IMG_8203          IMG_8223

  Doors open and we’re welcomed with colour coordinated cupcakes & champers!

You’ll find a talented bunch of local designers selling a varied array of fashion, jewellery, home decor, lighting and more! So much to see in such little time, I’m defo heading back!


left to right: Nicky Healy owner of Nicky Healy Clothing, Micaela Mocke owner of Feature Store,

Caroline Young Owner/Designer of Five Legends Clothing

The Feature Store is a fresh new addition to Cavendish Square in Claremont which showcases local talent curated together under one roof.  Its a one-stop shop where there is something for everyone and a fun place to browse!


The Yellow Door, Five Legends, Caramel


Robyn Murray Designs, Feat Socks 




SuziQ, Signature Clothing, Stoned Jewellery, Move Pretty 

These are just a few of my faves from the night, but there are plenty of other fabulous stockists to see! Find out more by checking out the Facebook page —–>


The glam staff are always happy to help at Feature Store

The store is open Mon- Sat 9am -7pm & Sun 10am – 5pm located at Shop L163 Lower Ground Floor, Cavendish Square, Claremont Tel. 0723258440 ………..Pop in and see for yourself ( a few doors along from Exclusive Books ) you won’t be disappointed with this yellow sunshiny shop full of gorgeous happy things!

Stockists : Five Legends, Sugar Tong Tong, Bouncy kids clothing, Burgundy Collective, Zana Products, White Rabbit Days, Theartisan, Gray Dawn, Move Pretty, Ingrid Hall, Feat, A Love Supreme, Seven Swans, Jangi, Flick Inc, Stoned Jewellery, Suzie Q, Caramel, Virgo Clothing, Brava Clothing Line, Emme Jeans

(Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out! Feel free to add yourself in the comments, shameless self promo encouraged! ) 

Back to back!

So the backpack is BACK and this little 90’s inspired beauty has evolved into quite the sophisticated Winter accessory! Thanks to the likes of Marc Jacobs and Chanel adding elementary school styling to the runways, the multifunctional ruck sack has become a necessity this season. I’ve hunted down my top three in Cape Town….

Mr Price Gold Back Pack

Mr Price are always on point with the latest trends and this gold PU version is a bargain at R119.

The fabric is slightly grainy which adds some texture and the trims remain simple to give a polished look.  This is a good buy if you’re looking for a temporary fashion item that will add some bling to your outfit and get you noticed!

felt CR

Country Road have introduced this very sophisticated felted backpack for R899

The size is magnificent and great for a mum on the run, trust me when I say you could almost fit a small child in there! However, I’m not convinced this is going to bode well in single digit climes (Hmmmm paper bag in the rain springs to mind) This is perfect if you’re looking for a gorgeous and fabulous fair-weather friend!

rock and herr BP

Rock & Herr two way backpack/ handbag is the bomb at R2195

Aptly named the ‘Darling’ this clever design tucks neatly under your arm as a regular handbag but can also be converted into a backpack by opening up the zip along the main strap creating two shoulder straps giving you the option to become totally hands free! Made from 100% genuine South African leather with antique brass trims (drool!!) this one is on my wish list for sure!

If you fancy a little bit of armchair shopping then check out these fashion essentials in more detail here…

Don’t mind the gap!

I’m loving the Sports Luxe vibes at the moment, which is a fashion revelation considering I used to be a trainer hater! True Story! This style is well in to it’s second season and perfect for Cape Town Winters!

Wearing the trainer look, however,  isn’t as simple as it seems : The wrong trouser shape and you could easily look like a trainspotter! The wrong dress hem, and you run the risk of  looking like a milk maid! Eek! So whats the secret? ….

IMG_7842 Nike Flex Supreme R850 Athletes Foot – V&A Waterfront 

These little beauties were a Valentines gift! Yep! Practical and perfect!! After a quick wardrobe experimentation, these bad boys look fab with a slightly cropped skinny jean and slouchy top. Try with a pair of relaxed jersey pants or even a long pencil skirt for something a little more edgy.  You don’t have to go for a Branded trainer either, Cotton On, Zara and  Country Road have all created unique High Street versions which are gorgeous!

Trainer trend

Photo sourced from Pinterest 

Pinterest is always a great source for styling tips and ideas and this is such an easy look to recreate yourself. Have you spotted the secret to wearing it right? …. its a little bit of ankle! Trust me, when you’re not wearing exercise gear that ‘gap’ makes all the difference to getting it right! Try it!

If you want to hunt down the latest trainer trends for yourself, check out these great spots to shop:

Lets get physical.

Okay, so I’ve been procrastinating for a while and now and it’s time to get back on it…

Christmas has been and gone, New Year went off with with a bang (great party!) and Valentine’s Day has lovingly passed us by! Phew!

So many special occasions naturally go hand in hand with way too many carbs and lashings of great South African wine. So is it any wonder my muffin top is back? Argh!

I occasionally run along the promenade but I don’t consider myself a runner and I’ve never been a gym bunny, apart from once when I was 21 : I found myself tied in to some ludicrous membership scheme that cost more than a mortgage to get out of, so it was a serious case of keep fit or…. keep fit!!

Watching Hairy commit to his Cross Fit over the last six months (more on that later)  I’m feeling inspired to dip a pointed toe back in to the world of fitness (That and my slowing metabolism!) So I’ve signed up with Virgin Active in Claremont and I’m looking forward to finding out more of whats on offer.

Watch this space as I  attempt to get physical!!

weight loss in wks

To find out more about Virgin Active in SA go to

If Cross Fit is your thang check out

Don’t call it date night!

date night

Date night has become increasingly popular over the last few years but has never really been on my ‘to do’ list!

Not that I’m averse to romance, I mean, everyone loves a bit of  ‘hearts and flowers’ right?! I just never really considered a date night  as a married couple before!

Having brought this up in conversation with my coupled-up friends, I quickly discovered that most of them have a weekly date night pencilled in the diary and enjoy endless dinner-for- two moments! OMG! My husband and I are so lame!!!

I guess we’ve always done stuff together as a family unit (The boys even slept in an adjoining room on our Wedding night!! ) our date nights tend to consist of a table for four at The Spur!! A game playing sesh for the kids, cheap wine a catch up for us in between servings!

So feeling the pressure, I decided to book a table at a posh local restaurant, called a sitter and got spruced up for a change!! It felt good! Kind of like when we first met! I was excited!! *butterflies

Hairy put on his best shirt and a pair of shoes (lives in slops!) so we were good to go! Brimming with self content!

Shortly after our starters, however……..our conversation turned in to a heated debate and then in to a full blown row!!! We don’t usually have such in depth conversations without being interrupted! Having decided to agree to disagree, we left the premises not speaking to one another! (I don’t even remember the subject matter, something child related I’m sure!! )

Needless to say, we’ve never been on a date night since! We celebrated our anniversary recently by heading out to lunch instead! That worked!! In fact it was divine! (

I learnt something fundamental from this experience, and that is, to do what’s right for you! Don’t feel pressured by society and try to fix something that isn’t broken!  We’re quite happy with our occasional ‘family’ night out for a double cheese melt and a milkshake! Date night (but don’t call it date night)  for us is a take away and chilling top to toe on the sofa! *keeping it real

The C -Word!

Now that the clocks have gone back in the UK and we are officially in to Summer here in Cape Town, I think it’s finally safe to use the ‘C’ word…. CHRISTMAS!

It’s just around the corner so its time to start building that wish list!

Here are my top three wants this season so far…


I adore these statement necklaces by Pichulik. Each piece is handcrafted in Cape Town using locally manufactured ropes and interesting materials. Simply stunning! (


IMG_2051I’m loving the Sport Luxe vibe right now and these Nike Roshe Runs are seriously stylish ( )


And finally…. This is my all time favourite body lotion. Clarins sheer aromatic formula, with smoothing honey and olive,  refreshes for more than eight hours of body-loving care. It’s the bomb! (


So that’s my mini wish list for now. I’m sure I’ll be adding to it shortly and sharing my next top three with you all!


For Cape Town stockists of the above items  check out  :  (Pichulik) (Nike trainers) (Clarins)



Project chest of drawers.

I love a bargain. Like, really love a bargain! So when Felix needed a new chest of drawers for his bedroom, I decided to find a second hand piece of furniture to practise my reno skills on!

If you’re looking for a well priced piece of furniture in South Africa then Gumtree is a great place to look  There’s a whole host of pre-loved ‘everything‘ to be found on line and so I spent many hours scrolling through pages of the  ‘home and garden’ section to find my perfect project.

After a good few days of searching, I clicked upon my six drawer beauty : dark brown and slightly scratched with damaged handles R350! Perfect!

I collected the drawers from the seller, and brought them home. Keen to get started, I gave them a quick sanding, a wash down and a lick of primer! All ready to go!



I’m rather fond of grey furniture at the mo so went with the colour ‘Baby Elephant’  (cute right?!)  and the following day,  I began to layer on the paint.

As soon as they were completely dry I added a selection of drawer knobs bought from I arranged them with pride!

Such a satisfying moment to see my  glorious Gumtree find brought to life!  And here she is….. Project chest of drawers complete!


If you feel like having a little search on Gumtree.ZA , check out the links below:

Birks are back!

I remember the first time the Birkenstock was in fashion and I was a definite “nooooo I’m not wearing those” way back then!  This time around, however, I’m more open to the idea of wearing a shoe that (in my opinion) looks suitable only for persons recovering from bunion surgery. Why is that? Is it an age thing?

The birk is everywhere…. Witchery, Country Road,Cotton On, Dune, Mr. Price…… there is no escaping this uber comfortable shoe and it certainly has made a cool comeback!

witchery slide

Isabel Marant’s  ‘Holden Sandal’ quickly became the ‘It shoe” of 2014  earlier this year, which gave the nod to a rebirth of the Birkenstock and I’m warming towards comfiness daily.

I have to say the Witchery nude patent slide gets my vote…. so watch these feet!